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Deep Tech Membership

In a world of fleeting trends, the transformative power of Deep Tech is often overlooked. The problems that truly matter – the hard engineering problems, the complex endeavors, the ones that block global progress – are waiting to be solved. Whether you’re a researcher refining scientific understanding, an engineer translating theoretical concepts into practical applications, or an executive aligning this R&D with growth strategies, this community is being built to fuel and fast-track you.

Examples of this initiative can be found in the “Healthcare Tech Trends,” “NewSpace Economy,” “Robotics Trends,” and “C++ in a Changing World” whitepapers.

The road to a brighter, more advanced society is not a path of least resistance. By joining the Deep Tech Membership, you’re making a statement – that you choose substance over surface, innovation over imitation, and potential over precedent.

ESG Membership

Imagine a world where social enterprises thrive and out-compete those sticking with the old model or trying to get by on greenwashing. A world where progress is measured not only by profits generated, but by equitable access to financing, lives improved, ecosystems protected, and injustices rectified. This is the world we are striving to create. Sustainability, ESG, social innovations, and corporate social responsibility aren’t meant to be buzzwords – they are imperatives, the new standards for the organizations of the future.

Examples of this initiative can be found in “The Virtual Verdict: Evolution of Legal Tech in 2023” and “Climate Tech Trends: 2024–2025.”

Join other advocates in a shared mission to prioritize these principles, channeling inspiration into concrete projects and change initiatives.