Smart Cities: A Guide to Municipal Technology Demands

August 4, 2023  •   David Pring-Mill

The “Smart Cities: A Guide to Municipal Technology Demands” report is approximately 12,000 words (50 pages). It exists to help tech companies analyze the procurement needs and non-functional requirements of municipal stakeholders. City governments themselves may also derive value by studying others.

With precise municipal observations gleaned from technology reviews, RFPs, and academic papers, Smart City vendors can position their products and services as the ideal solution, position their brands as trusted advisors and collaborative partners, and develop tailor-made offerings. For these reasons, this report is also useful for navigating public-private partnerships generally.

This report will provide answers to the following questions:

  • What are the non-functional requirements of Smart City technology adopters?
  • What are their key considerations around usability, interoperability, and scalability?
  • What factors complicate cities’ perceptions of cost-effectiveness?
  • How do cities think about data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance?
  • How are reliability and future-proofing sometimes at odds?
  • Why is training and support a foundational, yet often overlooked, requirement?

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