How Can Business Leaders Create Diverse, Inclusive, and Effective Cultures?

October 26, 2022  •   David Pring-Mill

This episode features Caroline Farberger, the partner and chair of the board at the Swedish investment firm Wellstreet, which has made a significant impact on the Nordic startup scene.

In this interview, Caroline shares her personal journey, which has included a gender transition, as well as her views on best practices in tech.

This episode touches upon the following key questions:

  • How did Caroline’s personal journey, which has included a gender transition, reshape her views on gender equality?
  • How can organizations move beyond a quantitative or checklist mindset in their efforts to remedy biases or inequalities?
  • Why does Wellstreet largely focus on founder teams as opposed to specific business models?
  • How does Wellstreet think about environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)?
  • How is the FinTech space evolving?
  • What are some differences between the European and U.S. tech scenes?

Caroline Farberger is fairly well-known in Sweden since she openly underwent a gender transition while serving as the CEO of a major insurance company. As partner and chairwoman at Wellstreet, she is positioned to play a significant role in expanding the company’s reach into communities that have been largely overlooked by investors.

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