B2B Sales Enablement: New Technologies, Tactics, and Trends (2022-2025)

September 28, 2022  •   David Pring-Mill

The report “B2B Sales Enablement: New Technologies, Tactics, and Trends (2022-2025)” is approximately 11,000 words (47 pages). This bird’s-eye view of B2B sales, captured in an easily downloadable PDF, can inform busy professionals and support corporate e-learning programs.

This e-learning support will provide succinct answers to the following key questions:

  • What are top B2B sales leaders saying about their evolving roles and tactics?
  • How does IBM approach its enterprise sales in areas of digital transformation?
  • How do B2B sales teams view their tech stacks and balance their resources?
  • Which B2B sales tactics are considered effective in the current environment?
  • What are current trends in B2B sales and possible future trajectories?
  • How can B2B sales more effectively sync up with other departments and programs?

Key Benefits of This Report

With a relatively short reading time and industry leaders referenced as examples, this training is well-positioned as a high-ROI resource for B2B sales teams and businesses at large.

Unlike the copious content marketing for B2B sales enablement-related products and services, this report is vendor-neutral. By leveraging professional sales networks on LinkedIn, this thematic research aligns itself with what sales teams actually care about and discuss. These community-based findings are included alongside the specific strategies used and espoused by top B2B sales leaders.

This research could inspire team discussions about how the analyzed technologies, tactics, and trends might apply directly to your organization. These training materials signify an investment in sales teams, potentially improving turnover.

Additionally, this report could be leveraged externally by management consultants trying to optimize departments and processes. It could serve as market research for investors, founders, and executives in the B2B sales enablement SaaS market, since it outlines the work practices, pain points, and expectations of B2B sales leaders at a critical juncture.

This research concludes with 7 pages of original infographics, which are easily extractible for your internal presentations or discussions.

The report also surfaces over 40 quantitative insights within its strategically-oriented, highly qualitative structure. This data can inform team leadership, as well as the development or marketing of B2B sales enablement technologies.

Target Audience

  • B2B sales leaders
  • e-learning directors, program managers, and coordinators
  • B2B sales enablement companies
  • investors in sales enablement products and services
  • management consultants
  • market researchers

Companies Mentioned in This Report

This report has gleaned strategic insights from the statements and activities of B2B sales leaders and sales enablement providers.

Sales enablement companies mentioned in this report include:

  • Salesforce
  • Outreach
  • Seamless.AI
  • ProfitWell
  • CustomerGauge
  • Meta

Companies referenced as case studies include:

  • IBM
  • UPS
  • Wajax


Policy2050 excels at identifying the strategies and patterns within complex data, gathered through exhaustive research. This process includes publicly available sources, such as annual reports, academic journals, consumer surveys, trade publications, industry symposia, and podcasts, along with interviews and inputs from a wide network of market experts and internal knowledge. Strategic perspectives are leveraged from across the value chain and from relevant tech vendors causing disruptions or reconfigurations in markets.

Information is filtered and validated through this lens of expertise and scrutiny, or contextualized to expose differences in results and industry disagreements. Perceptions of current trends, as reflected in reporting, often translate into actions and investments with consequences. The many hyperlinks included throughout this report help to ensure that important figures, strategic statements, and other market characterizations are easily and fully traceable.

All of this analysis is delivered within an actionable framework that outlines best practices, proposes innovations or adaptations, and extracts insights from case studies. Infographics and imagery are used to express key concepts and enliven this comprehensive overview where appropriate.

Media Kit

The “B2B Sales Enablement: New Technologies, Tactics, and Trends (2022-2025)” report press release can be found here. The original graphics within this release can be freely used by the news media (including content marketing blogs) with attribution to Policy2050.com. Additional media materials are available upon request.

Inquiries can be directed to david.pringmill@policy2050.com.

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